Daffodil Festival

This is a website dedicated to commemorating Tacoma, Washington’s annual daffodil festival.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s so special about the American Northwest, wonder no more. You only need to attend the annual Tacoma, Washington daffodil festival to see what the big deal is about in the greater Seattle and Tacoma metropolitan area.

You know that the Seattle culture is fast permeating the rest of the United States. Of course, when people think of the American Northwest or Pacific Northwest and the greater culture of the United States, they usually think of Nirvana. They usually think of the grunge music trend of the early 90’s. They think of Pearl Jam and other musical acts that came from this part of the country.

Believe it or not, Seattle has played quite a big role in the greater American cultural DNA that a lot of people are not aware of. For example, did you know that Jimi Hendrix, the guitar god that truly revolutionized American rock music, originally hailed from Seattle? Or, for the longest time, Boeing jets were made in this part of the country?

Seattle and the greater Tacoma area

Overall American Experience

The point is, Seattle and the greater Tacoma area bring a lot to the table. Whether we’re talking about culturally, food, politics and whatnot, Washington State is no slouch when it comes to participating in the greater overall American experience.

American history, we submit, would be a lot less rich if not for the contributions of the greater Pacific Northwest area. You get a glimpse of that when you attend the Tacoma, Washington annual daffodil festival.

While on its face it’s a celebration of the daffodil blossom or bloom in this part of the country, it really is just a thinly veiled celebration of everything that is so awesome and worth appreciating about this part of Continental America.

It’s very easy to overlook Washington. It’s very easy for a lot of Americans to focus primarily on California. After all, a lot of the social, cultural, legal and political trends of the United States tend to be led the West. And by the West, we are of course talking about California. This has been the case for at least forty years.

We have a lot to SAY…

Well, Tacoma, Washington actually has a lot to say about the greater trends that often take root in other parts of the United States. As the old saying goes, where California goes, the rest of the country follows.

It’s easy to see this because a lot of the trends that start off in the Golden State actually make their way to the rest of the country. But please understand that the same actually applies to Washington State as well.

For example, take the case of recreational marijuana. I’m not talking about medicinal marijuana, which is marijuana that’s used to relieve pain or a wide range of other health related symptoms. I’m talking about smoking marijuana or ingesting it a wide array of forms, for recreational purposes, with absolutely no medicinal intent or purpose at all. You just want to get high.

And guess which state led the fight to legalize recreational marijuana? That’s right, Washington State, the state where Seattle and Tacoma are located.

Washington State is a trailblazer, like it or not. And the annual daffodil festival that we hold may seem, on its face, just a celebration of a flower, but it really isn’t. It’s really an opportunity for everybody in the greater Seattle and Tacoma metropolitan basin to come together, show their support, and celebrate everything worth celebrating about this part of the country.

In your face

And you can see a lot of pride, but it’s not the typical “in your face” type of regional pride. Instead, people have the typical Pacific Northwest attitude.

People are laid back, they enjoy some street food, everybody has a good time, you see the local flavors and colors, and everybody goes on their merry way. Quick, easy, clean and fun. In other words, the typical Pacific Northwest experience. You tend to develop that kind of mindset and sense of mellowness if you live in the part of the country where it rains pretty much all year round.

A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that living in the Pacific Northwest makes you a very depressed person. It’s very easy to see why people end up with this conclusion because a lot of the time, it is overcast. There seems to be a tremendous amount of gloom for most of the year.

Whether we’re talking about a light drizzle or a hard rain, it’s easy to get down. But understand that, by and large, people who live in this part of the country are not depressed. They have just learned to accept the rain and it becomes part of their daily existence.

In fact, if you were to take somebody who grew up in Seattle and transplant them to, let’s say, Florida or the American Midwest, they start missing the rain.

They Miss something

a Washing ton mindset

They look at their daily routine and they feel, somehow, at some level or another, that something is missing.

This is the Tacoma, Washington mindset, and it really is quite distinctive. It is definitely a unique part of the greater overall cultural mosaic we call the American experience.

Gateway to local highlights

The best part about the daffodil festival is that it offers you a quick gateway into all the local sights, sounds, flavors, and attitudes that are all so Pacific Northwest. It does so at a free cost. You just need to show up and hang out. In fact, that’s what everyone else is doing and by hanging out together, you become part of the experience. This festival has that all organic feel to it. It doesn’t seem staged, artificial, or somehow part of an intentional official government program.

Seattle-Tacoma experience!

Instead, this festival grew out of locals desires to bring out and celebrate the very best of the local Seattle-Tacoma experience and mindset. All through this time, we have successfully done so and we have a lot of repeat visitors. Remember the Grateful Dead? Remember their loyal fans, the Deadheads? Well, we have people who come back to the festival over and over again.

Blog Posts

Pacific Northwest music festival sites suffer from low quality hosting

Make no mistake about it, the Pacific Northwest is not lacking music. In fact, the Pacific Northwest has a thriving underground and independent music scene. It has always had this scene even before Nirvana. I know that’s very hard to believe since Nirvana pretty much put Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest region on the American map.

People previously thought that the only great musician from Seattle was none other than Jimi Hendrix. After that, there was a huge drought.

This really is too bad because when you go to the Daffodil Festival or any other music festival in this part of the country, you can see the great culture and the great local music in full display. You don’t have to be some sort rocket scientist or private investigator to figure this out. This is readily apparent.

And unfortunately, this musical experimentation and richness of creative and expressive arts isn’t really fully broadcast to the rest of the world. It’s kind of like the Pacific Northwest’s very own little well-kept secret.

Sure, if you’re from this part of the country, you would have a good time. After all, what’s better than enjoying 100% legal marijuana and great music?

But if you wanted to share what’s so awesome, distinctive, charming and memorable about the local music scene, you really have to step things up. You really have to roll up your sleeves and take matters into your own hands.

In other words, you have to create a website highlighting the different music festivals because they do a good job in revealing the wide range of creative expression and musical tastes from this part of the country.

Now, thinking of putting up a website is one thing, actually pulling it off and coming up with a website worth visiting is another matter entirely. A lot of this has to do with the content management system that you’re going to be using. You have to have the right software to take your words and pictures and videos and create an amazing looking website out of it.

Thankfully, content management systems and the software that is needed for them has been simplified. In fact, it has a single name. It’s called WordPress. You only need to install WordPress and all your content management headaches go away.

I know that sounds like quite a bit of an absolutist statement, but it’s quite true. If you are looking to publish a website, you can’t go wrong with WordPress. WordPress pretty much takes care of 99.9% of all your needs.

With that said, you still have to find the right hosting company. You have to install WordPress on your host, and this is where things get a little bit dicey.

You see, there is a tremendous amount of companies all over the internet claiming that they will host your website with no problems. Anybody can make this claim. There are thousands of these websites. They litter the internet.

The problem is, most of them are not up to the job. It’s not like they’re going to tell that they are deficient. It’s not like they will tell you that they have all these people complaining about them. You’re not going to find this information volunteered by these companies. This is what makes it really problematic.

How do you find high quality hosting services? What kind of hallmarks should you be on the lookout for? How do you separate companies that are worth their salt from companies that are just basically going through the motions?

Thankfully, it’s easier than you think. Pick better hosts for your Pac Northwest sites by learning from our Bluehost review.

Slice and dice our review. Pay attention to what we say and also read between the lines. If you do this, then you would have all the analytical skills you need to effectively analyze hosting companies and make the right decision all day, every day.

Even hippies can learn a thing or two from ifighthard.com

Make no mistake about it, when it comes to personal aggressiveness and self defense moves, the last group of people you would consider learning from are hippies. This should not come as a surprise. There’s a good reason why people try not to learn mixed martial arts or any other kind of martial art from hippies.

As a general rule, hippies are very passive. They are quite a pacifist bunch. If left to their own devices, they’d rather not fight. They try to negotiate, they try to appeal to people’s better angels. In other words, they don’t look at force or self defense as an option.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s completely off the table. They just don’t look at these as their first options. But like with most other people, when push comes to shove, expect a push back. That’s the bottom line.

People do have their limits. There is such a thing as a breaking point.

Hippies are not much different from other people. Sure, they’d rather smoke a lot of weed, kick back, listen to Bob Marley, and just chill out. That’s their thing. But if you press the wrong buttons or if you get them against the wall, don’t be surprised if you get a nice right hook to the jaw.

I have seen hippies, regardless of whether they wear dreadlocks or not, beat the hell out of other people because they just got pushed to the last mile.

Now, a lot of people have different lengths of rope, so to speak. If you get a person to hang on to the end of their rope and you keep pushing and needling, don’t be surprised until you get a foot up your butt. That’s just the way the human condition is.

This is why it’s really a good idea, if you are a hippie or somebody with an extreme amount of patience, to check out ifighthard.com.

Make no mistake about it, there are bullies all over the place, and they come in many different disguises. You don’t want to find this out in the worst way possible. You don’t want to learn this lesson in the form of a knuckle sandwich.

So do yourself a big favor, if you are a pacifist or you consider yourself a modern day hippie, go to ifighthard.com and get the inside scoop on mixed martial arts techniques, MMA tools and gear so you don’t have to face the chaos and uncertainty and risks of life completely defenseless.

A little bit of planning goes a long way. By being a little bit prepared, you would be able to push back again and again.

To get rid of bed bug problems in your Washington State home, visit merkem.ca

Interestingly enough, Washington State is not exactly the first place you think of when you hear talk of bed bugs. Usually, we think about hot, humid or otherwise fairly wet places when the conversation turns to anything related to insects. Places like Florida, California and definitely Louisiana and Mississippi tend to be high on our agenda when we think about some sort of insect infestation.

As you can probably already tell, the US is a very geographically diverse place. It is not just one spot on the map, it’s not just restricted to one time zone nor does it only cover one altitude or longitudinal pairing. It is actually a continent. That’s how diverse and amazing the US is.

If you’ve ever driven across the continental US, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you start your trip from San Diego in the farthest Southwest corner of the continental US and hit the interstate highway and find yourself in Maine, the experience would’ve given you the impression that you went through many different countries. That’s how awesome the US is.

But it also poses challenges regarding how we think of insect infestations. You might even think that there are certain parts of the US that are simply immune from cockroaches and bed bugs.

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but this is not the case. You see, there will always be bed bug and cockroach infestations because they are part and parcel of the human experience. In other words, if there is some sort of human habitation involving human clothing, trash and structures, bed bugs, insects, rats and pests are not far behind.

In a way, they are species extensions of the human experience because we eat a certain way, we produce a lot of waste and we just handle our businesses in a way that if we get sloppy, these problems arise again and again. It’s not like you have to go to a place that has the perfect climate for this type of insect for you to suffer from that problem.

In a way, we bring the problem with us. So if you are serious about getting rid of your bed bug problem in your Washington State home once and for all, you need to whip out the big guns. You need to get in touch with people with the expertise, qualifications, tools and equipment needed to take care of the problem once and for all the first time around. I am, of course, talking about https://www.merkem.ca

When you get in touch with these specialists, watch out. They know anything and everything about bed bugs. They are so specialized in this type of insect that they probably will make bed bugs an endangered species at least in your home. Go ahead and get a hold of them today and kiss your bed bug infestation problems goodbye.

If you run a heavy machinery business in Washington State, look into getting a vibration plate

The funny thing about heavy machinery business in Washington State is that a lot of people are under the impression that they are on the way out. I really can’t say I blame them because a lot of these types of small scale industrial businesses have been under a lot of pressure either in the form of high taxes, zoning regulations, health and safety rules, employee insurance, labor shortages. The list goes on and on.

As you can probably tell, running a business in certain parts of the US is not easy. It’s definitely not a walk in the park especially when it seems like the government itself is on your back. It’s as if this state is telling you in so many ways that you’re better off not starting a business.

If you are the typical American entrepreneur, you’re not going to let that hold you back or drag you down. If you’re like the typical American entrepreneur, you’re doing this because you want to make your dreams come true. You want to claim your part of the American dream. The great thing about America is that it enables people with dreams to access resources that will help them achieve their dreams if they choose to keep pushing forward regardless of how many times they get pushed back or knocked down.

You probably already know that if you succeed with business, you can get your share of the American dream sooner rather than later. We’re talking about several hundred thousand of dollars in pay days every single year. The rewards are definitely there.

But the problem is, as you probably are already aware, most American businesses go belly up in as little as half a decade. That’s right. In as little as 5 years, the vast majority of small businesses that have been started in the US and are being started right now will fail.

I don’t mean to depress you and I definitely don’t mean to discourage you, but I’m not going to be doing you any favors if I hide this fact from you. The reality is if you want to fulfill your dreams by starting your own small business, you need to come prepared.

You don’t want to candy coat the reality. You definitely don’t want to stick your head in the sand and pretend that this very alarming statistic doesn’t exist. Instead, you should come prepared and if you are running some sort of heavy machinery business in Washington State or the Pacific Northwest for that matter, look into getting a vibration plate.

This vibration plate can go a long way in ensuring that your operation is safe. It can also make sure that you process proceeds smoothly. As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details, and if you don’t pay attention to the details that go into your businesses, it’s only a matter of time until your business gets knocked out. You don’t want that to happen.

Look your best at your next Pacific Northwest high school reunion through Zerona treatments

Zerona treatments definitely are heaven sent for a lot of people. If you were called “Mr. Moon” or “Princess Moon” in high school, I’m sure you were emotionally traumatized. Nobody likes being called “Pizza face” or “Moon face” Nobody likes to suffer from so many pimples that people wonder where your face begins and your pimples end.

As you can probably already imagine, your teenage years can be quite awkward and traumatic for a lot of people. It’s really bad enough that people are hormonally changing and they’re going from one stage of their life to the next, add pimples to the mix and it becomes extra depressing and challenging.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any access to some sort of time machine that will enable us to go back to the past and change what needs to be changed so we can have a much happier childhood. That’s just not going to happen. But you can do the second best thing.

If you went to high school in the Pacific Northwest or if you went to college in that part of the country, blow everybody away by getting Zerona treatments before the big day. How? Well, if you were known as “Mr. Pizza Face” and you were suffering from bad skin, you should look into high quality facial treatments.

These facial treatments can make your skin come alive and maybe even shave off a few years. How’s that for awesome? On top of that, if you are like most Americans, you probably have gained pounds along the way. It’s okay. There’s no shame in that game. Everybody suffers from this problem.

But as you get older, your metabolism gets slower so the pounds really pack on. It’s harder and harder to get rid of them. Even if you are in an otherwise great shape, you might still have a flabby mid section. This is where Zerona treatments come in.

You can get a liposuction type of treatment without having to go under the knife. Believe me, if you undergo a liposuction procedure, it can get quite nasty. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but a liposuction really involves a doctor taking a device that looks like a vacuum cleaner and sticking it under your skin and sucking out the fat. It can get bloody, you get all bruised up and at the end of the day, you might even run the risk of developing some infections.

Believe it or not, people have been known to die under the knife because of liposuction surgery. In fact, haters would say that people died for their vanity. Thankfully, Zerona treatments have made these horror stories a thing of the past. You can look your very best for your next high school reunion, regardless of where you went to high school, and nobody would be the wiser.

Do yourself a big favor. Look into Zerona and look your very best.

Make your Pacific Northwest blog posts look even more awesome by using avopix free photos

Let’s be clear here. You’re a Pacific Northwest blogger. You post stuff about Oregon. You go to Portland and take lots of pictures regarding events. You go to Seattle and take a lot of pictures there and maybe even shoot videos. This all sounds awesome and everything, but the problem is chances are you are not going to be taking the right pictures to match your blog posts.

Let me tell you, I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and the biggest challenge is not documentation. If I was, for example, blogging about and event in San Francisco, I can just take pictures of the parade, after party, so on and so forth. That’s just part of the equation.

There’s also going to be a lot of questions raised by the event. There’s going to be a lot of issues that people are going to ask about and these are precisely the kind of posts that I don’t have pictures for. This is really quite frustrating because effective blogging really boils down to having the right graphics to match the right ideas. That’s how you take your blog to the next level. That’s how you become distinctive. That’s how you create a brand that people will eventually come to recognize as the top of its field.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen if you just use regular free stock photos that you find online. Why? Well, if you can find them that easily, chances are all your other competitors and other people who are not even in the same topic category as you are going to be using the same pictures. Do you see the problem here?

Believe it or not, saturation can be a serious issue. If people keep seeing the same photos over and over again and they see it on your blog, it’s only a matter of time until they develop the perception that somehow, someway, your blog is generic. Your blog, as distinct as you think it may be and regardless of how much work you put into it, is just like and other blog as far as they are concerned.

This is precisely the kind of impression you don’t want them to have about your life’s work. So do yourself a big favor. Be more proactive. Take a few extra steps. Look into getting avopix free photos for your blog post.

What I love about avopix is that they have a huge collection that can cover a wide range of questions, ideas, moods and emotions. In other words, these are ideas or states that are not very easy to identify and that’s what really separates them from everybody else.

So if you’re looking for a relatively unsaturated and untapped source of amazing graphics for your blog posts, check out avopix free photos. They are well categorized, there’s a lot of them and they can definitely go a long way in helping you create a distinctive brand for your blog because hey, let’s face it, in this day and age, it’s so easy to just be another face in the crowd. It’s just so easy to be just another blog that somebody put up only to disappear later on.

You don’t want that to happen. You want to have your own distinct voice and graphical brand. Investing time and finding the right free photos can definitely go a long way in making that happen.

Localgrapher makes Pacific Northwest weddings more memorable

The funny thing about getting married is the fact that most people tend to focus on details that really don’t matter all that much. I remember when my brother got married in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle in particular, his wife and wife’s sisters were all bent out of shape about the chiffon ribbons and other frills and details in the wedding reception hall.

I’m sure at some level or other, that stuff is important. Talk about missing the forest from the trees. Talk about failing to see the big picture. What do I mean? They get so caught up on the freebies that they’re going to give away as well as the font on the invitations that they’re handing out that somebody, somehow, someway, forgot to get a photographer.

Finally, one of her friends stepped up and took really crappy photographs with a substandard digital camera. To this day, and I’m talking about more than a decade after their wedding, they still can’t get over that oversight. It really causes problems in their relationship to this day because they can’t get over who’s to blame. Somebody’s always pointing the finger.

Every time they look at those photographs, because that’s the only documentation they have of their wedding, they always go back to that issue. “Why did you screw up by not thinking about getting a photographer?” And on and on it went.

It really is quite sad, but unfortunately, this is not all that uncommon. In fact, it happens all the time. It’s very easy to look at small details that really don’t add up to much of anything and miss the really important stuff.

Make no mistake about it. If you are going through an event or you’re going to hold and even that is really important to you, make sure that you remember it properly. Make sure that it’s properly memorialized and this means that you have to invest in a high quality photographer.

Now that I’ve opened your mind to that necessity, here’s the problem. Anybody can say that they’re great photographers. In fact, among my circle of friends, I would say around 80% of my buddies would testify in court that they are great photographers, but I’ve seen their stuff. I’m sorry to report that this stuff is really nothing to write home about. I don’t want to brag, but I think I can take better pictures with my iPhone than these photos.

You need some sort of objective platform where people with the right skills can show up at the right price to take care of the job at the right time to produce the right results. That’s not asking for much actually thanks to the rise of websites like https://www.localgrapher.com

Localgrapher.com is a photography skills exchange platform where people from all over the US and the world can advertise their expert photography services and their clients can bid or contact them for their services. How’s that for awesome?

I wish this website was around more than 10 years ago. It could’ve saved my relative quite a bit of unnecessary headache and pointless drama.

Oregon and Washington State women can definitely use more prenatal massage counseling

The interesting thing about pregnancy in the US is that it has become really ritualized. It has become a budget item. It has been sliced and diced to the point where people really just go through the motions.

This really is too bad because it can be quite a very trying and stress filled time in the lives of not just females, but their partners as well. If you don’t handle yourself properly during this very stressful time, it can send really negative turbulence through the rest of your relationship. It definitely carries more than its fair share of negative consequences if you are not careful.

This is why it’s really important for couples to look into prenatal massage counseling. Prenatal massage can go a long way in helping pregnant women get their old body back sooner rather than later. You have to understand that once a female gives birth, her hormones can really do a number on her. The roller coaster ride of hormone fluctuations, peaks, valleys, crashes and surges as well as depressions account for the reality of postpartum depression.

I don’t want to shock you, but it’s not really all that unusual nor unsurprising for a tiny minority of women to kill their children after they have given birth. That’s how harsh postpartum depression is and it has nothing to do with her. It’s not her fault because of the tremendous hormonal flare ups that are present before, during and after pregnancy.

These hormonal waves are no joke. Talk about a massive mood swing as well as physical symptoms. A lot of guys, sadly, are too eager to chalk up any hormonal issues to moods and other mental states. The assumption is that women are just feeling these things because of their emotional states. It’s all in their heads goes the dismissive thinking. Talk about adding insult to injury. Talk about a slap in the face. If you truly want to be supportive of your partner during her time of challenges, make sure you disabuse yourself of these toxic ideas. Seriously. They do more harm than good. They also give you assumptions that are very hard to shake off.

Do yourself a big favor and sign you and your partner up for state sponsored prenatal massage therapy. The great thing about this type of therapy is that it allows both partners to connect on a psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual level. You are both on the same page.

It’s not like she’s pregnant and you’re just biting your time and you can’t wait until this project is over with. Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of guys think. Pregnancy, ultimately, is their partners problem.

When you engage in prenatal massage, both of you are going to find yourself on the same page and this can definitely go a long way in ensuring that your relationship weathers the emotional storms and turbulence that you’re sure to run into before, during and after your partners pregnancy.

Find the best beach tents when headed out to Oregon or Washington

I remember the first time I visited Oregon and I really didn’t know what to expect. A lot of people were telling me that Oregon was basically just an extension of Northern California. As you can probably already tell, Northern California is the home of a lot of evergreen trees, marijuana and greenery. Pun intended.

But when I got to Oregon, I was just simply blown away by the diversity of the landscape of that country. There are parts of Oregon that reminded me of the Grand Canyon, believe it or not. There’s this one particular national park where there are these natural rock formations that really provided and amazing vista and you can almost miss it by blinking when you go really fast on the high way.

That’s how small that park is, but I still remember that imagery to this very day because it really speaks to the soul. It really harkens back to a very natural, varnished and uncivilized part of human consciousness. It really is amazing and mind blowing at the same time.

In addition to that, there’s also Crater Lake. Apparently, hundreds of thousands of years ago, a meteor hit the part of America that would become Oregon and created this amazing crater. It mush have been quite a disaster because it was huge. But anyway, it turned into a lake and when I went there in the dead of winter, it was frozen solid.

I was seeing massive ice walls and this just huge white, snowy mass and right in the middle is a frozen lake. Again, this is another mental image that I probably will carry with me until the day I die. That’s just how beautiful Oregon is and don’t even get me started about Washington.

So if you are excited about your next Pacific Northwest trip, you have every right to be. You’re definitely going to be in on a great experience.

With that said, it makes a lot of sense to be prepared. This is especially true if you’re going to go to the beach. A lot of people don’t usually go to Washington and Oregon to experience the beach. They do that in San Diego, certain parts of Santa Barbara or even Los Angeles California. But rarely do you come across people talking about Oregon’s beach and Washington state beach much less.

That really is too bad because when I went to the beach there, it’s great. It’s cold, but it’s great. So do yourself a big favor. Invest in the very best beach tents you can find so you don’t let mother nature ruin your fun. Believe me, it can get really cold, you don’t want to expose yourself to the elements there because the wind can be very bitey.

To be able to wrap your mind around the features that you need to zero in on to find the very best products for your upcoming trip, visit this website. http://canopytentreviews.com/best-beach-tents

Once you make your decision based on that report, you are definitely well positioned for a good time.

Even Pacific Northwest homes need to look into the best solar panels

The funny thing about solar panels in the US is that a lot of people think that you have to live in a particularly sunny area of the country for you to benefit from solar panels. This is quite a common misunderstanding of how solar panels work and the range of benefits they bring to the table.

Believe me, even if you live in the coldest sections of Alaska, you can still benefit from solar panels. After all, as long as there are rays from the sun reaching your part of the world, theoretically, you can convert some of that sunlight into good old electrical power. Are you with me so far? Great.

Don’t think that you have to live in Arizona, Nevada or the dessert parts of California to take full advantage of the best solar panels. You can even live in the very gloomy and rainy sections of the Pacific Northwest and still benefit from solar panel power.

Make no mistake about it. There is a tremendous amount of freedom you can get if you live off the grid. That, in of itself, is one of the biggest attractions people find with solar panel energy. The sense of freedom and independence, these are very powerful values that you really can’t quite put a dollar figure on.

Can you imagine being so dependent on the power grid that if something goes wrong and it’s only a matter of time, you’re basically disconnected. That’s precisely the kind of position you’re putting yourself in if you use traditional electricity. Maybe you could look at this type of power as some sort of back up. Maybe you can look at it as your plan B.

You might be thinking that this is not really all that necessary. After all, the Pac Northwest area is quite reliable as far as the electric grid is concerned. Well, this is quite a big assumption to make. You might even be tempted to say that there will never be electrical grid issues at your neck of the woods. As the old saying goes, never say never. There’s always a first time for everything. You need a Plan B.

Whatever position you take, it is really worth looking in to because let’s face it, in this world, you really can’t take anything for granted. All sorts of things can get knocked loose. All sorts of things can fall apart.

Unfortunately, considering how complicated and how vast out modern American society and technological infrastructure has become, it only takes one accident for things to get knocked loose and people become powerless. The sad reality is that there’s some sort of paradox going on here. The more advanced our society becomes, the more helpless we become individually.

Well, if you rely on solar panels, you can push back. You can regain some of that old school American independence so that regardless of what mother nature or plain old fortune has in store for these great US, you can bet you will be prepared.

What are the ways to fight depression?

The funny thing about living in the pacific north west is the reality of seasonal depression. One of the first questions any traveler to places like Seattle, Washington or Portland Oregon involves how gloomy the weather is. In fact, the first time I went to Seattle, I keep asking the question “Why is it raining all the time?” enough. I kept asking that question so many times that my local hosts probably got annoyed at me.

They really can’t blame you because in this part of the US, it seems like it’s raining on a 24/7 365 day basis. It is no surprise that Starbucks coffee originated from this part of the US because people needed to drink a lot of coffee to manage their mood. Otherwise, it’s easy to get depressed. In fact, according to research studies, depression rates in this part of the country are quite high.

It’s easy to chalk this up to geographic factors. It tends to be quite gloomy outside, you don’t get that much light and if you factor all this together, don’t be surprised if people get depressed more often than not.

But there’s actually other factors to this. There are other many sides to this equation. There’s also a selection process because people who like this part of the country tend to be more on the introverted or introspective side.

As awesome as these personal traits may be as far as creativity and intellectual curiosity may go, they can also predispose you to depression.

Whether we’re talking about push or pull factors or nurture and nature, depression is a solid reality in the pacific north west. In this blog, we focus on Seattle festivals, particularly the daffodil festival.

During this festival, people come out. Not only do they come out physically, but they come out of their she’ll emotionally. This is a great way to bond and to make those distinct person to person connections that remind you that you’re not alone.

We do our part to fight depression and anxiety. However, if you want to make sure that you fully get out from under the threat of depression or melancholy, you might want to be more systematic and methodical about it.

In particular, use non chemical interventions so you don’t get hooked on anything. Check out this study about oils and anxiety. A lot of people would think that aromatic oils would have, at best, a placebo effect on depression and anxiety.

According to hard scientific research, it actually has a very real effect. That’s right. These effects are not just in people’s heads. They are all too real. The study about oils and anxiety have actually blown away many different people’s preconceptions and now, more and more people from the pacific north west are using non traditional approaches to dealing with depression.

This had lead people to stepping away from chemical solutions. Also, people are changing their lifestyle. Instead of loading up on caffeine, more and more people are using tea or certain actual juices without any trace of caffeine. Things are definitely changing for the better.

Take your Northwest Pacific online experience to the next level with LOL Smurf Accounts

I love going to the daffodil festival in Seattle because it’s a great place to listen to amazing music, hang out, enjoy the good vibes and generally chill out. But once I get home, as you can probably already tell, just like the typical American, I flop down into my sofa and get busy with League of Legends.

It’s easy to see why a lot of people are simply excited about LoL although this game has been around for several years now. There’s a lot to recommend in this game because first of all, you’re not camped out in front of the game for days on end.

Sadly, that’s the kind of experience you’re in for if you are into World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto and other highly immersive, yet highly addictive open world games. It’s as if there’s really no logical ending to those games. You play and play and play and you still are not anywhere nearer to the logical conclusion of the game.

I call this that Shiny Object Syndrome. You focus on a mission. You really get into it. You keep working on it and it appears you are making progress. Things are going well, until you come across a new twist to the mission or you run into an NPC with an interesting mission. So you go from one rabbit hole to another.

This is why a lot of serious gamers from all four corners of the globe have discovered League of Legends. It has a logical ending. There is a specific mission. There is an end you can point your finger to and take credit for. Not surprisingly, people from all over the world have gone crazy for this game.

If you want to get a competitive advantage regardless of whether you live in the Pacific Northwest or not, you need to get LoL smurf accounts.

I know I’m getting into controversial territory here. A lot of people might even think that getting LoL smurf accounts is very close to cheating. But it isn’t. Why? Well, who likes getting killed all day, every day? I know I don’t. Do you?

That’s exactly the kind of experience you’re getting in to if you play League of Legends right of the street. You’re just basically going to get crushed all day, every day. It gets old very quickly. With LoL smurf accounts, you get a highly powered account so you can do your fair share of winning while leveling up your skills.

This is a great crutch. It’s by no means and end all and be all type of solution. You can’t just buy an account and call it a day. Instead, you still have to actively work on leveling up your skills so you can eventually get to where you need to go. That’s its role. This is the reason why people buy these types of accounts in the first place. Don’t think that they are somehow, someway some sort of stand in for actual player excellence.

Seattle car owners can get 24/7 parts easily through this website

Make no mistake about it. If you live in the Pacific north west, particularly Washington state and the greater Seattle metropolitan area, you probably already know it gets very wet in that part of the country. It’s very easy to see why because the Pacific north west gets more than its fair share of rainfall compared to the rest of the continental US. In fact, with the lone exception of Hawaii, Washington state is in contention for being one of the wettest parts of the country.

As you can probably tell, this requires car owners to be specially careful because all that moisture can get in the way of the wear and tear parts of their vehicles. Just ask car owners in places like Michigan, South and North Dakota and other northern states have to worry about salt damage due to the road salting precautions taken during winter. Seattle car owners really need to play close attention to wear and tear parts.

It’s not enough that you get your oil changed regularly. It’s not enough that you take your car to dealer approved shops. You have to be extra vigilant, you really have to take matters into your own hands to make sure that you buy the very best parts because let’s face it,there are lots of after market parts currently available online.

In fact, there are so many aftermarket car parts store on the internet, many car owners run the risk of developing a sense of complacency as well as a sense of entitlement. Talk about a lethal combination as far as your pocket book goes. Make no mistake, when you think that the solution to your car parts issue is a simple tap on your tablet or mobile phone and whipping out your credit card, you are running quite a bit of a risk. Don’t be shocked to find out if you get ripped off time and time again.

Sadly, not all of them are excellent. That’s right. They don’t all tightly fit the original equipment manufacturer standards as well as specifications for those parts. You probably don’t want to be the last person to know that this is the case. You probably don’t want to find out in the hardest way possible that the parts that you bought actually cause more problems than they solve.

Thankfully, you can dispense with all this unnecessary drama and headaches buy simply looking for 24/7 parts online. There are lots of car parts stores online, but there’s one that stands out that can take care of your problems all day, any day.

This company ensures that you get the right car parts at the right time to produce the right results built with the right quality. That’s saying a lot because there are a lot of car parts sources online, but most of them aren’t all that good.

So do yourself a good favor. Get your car out of potential harm’s way and choose to deal business only with top notch online car parts stores like 24/7 parts.

Enjoy Your Expat Home Away from the Pacific Northwest at Twin Vew Condo

If you are originally from Washington State or Oregon or even Idaho, you probably have a special soft spot in your heart for that place in the world. I really can’t say I blame you because on the three occasions I visited that part of the United States, I was just blown away.

I know you probably have heard the old saying, “I left my heart in San Francisco.” After all there is a famous song by Tony Bennett, but Oregon, Washington and Idaho can definitely give San Francisco a run for its money. What’s not to love? Whether we’re talking about the amazing evergreen trees, the wide-view vistas under a sky that seems to infinitely go on forever, there are just so many things going on with that part of the United States.

Of course, I’m not even talking about the music festivals. Whether we’re talking about creative music or arts festivals, it’s really hard to find such a culture and art-loving place is any other part of the world except maybe certain parts of Francis, England and possibly the Netherlands, but outside of that, art culture, entertainment are just businesses. They’re just things that you do. They’re not really part of your life. They’re not really part of your spiritual journey through this life. Well, the Pacific Northwest takes that spiritual journey to a whole other level.

If you have been sent by the multinational corporation you work for to work in Southeast Asia, you might be missing a lot of that. You might be missing the green trees. You might be missing the ambiance, the environment and the culture.

Well, thankfully, there is one place in Southeast Asia that will give you a tremendous amount of cultural enrichment. This is, of course, Singapore. It’s too easy see why. Multinational corporations from all over the world, whether we’re talking about South America, North America, Africa, the Middle East or Europe, are sending their best, brightest and most ambitious people to this corner of the world.

The reason should be obvious. They’re looking to tap Greater Asian market and specifically China through a base in Southeast Asia, namely Singapore. Well, this is the best place to put up a base because Singapore is so business-friendly. People here pay some of the lowest taxes in the world. It’s actually very economically free and almost zero crime. What’s not to love?

So, do yourself a big favor. If you are looking for a bit of that cultural engagement and dynamism that you missed from the Pacific Northwest, take a long, hard look at owning your very own Twin Vew Condo. Their info page is located at twin-vewcondo.com.sg This condominium complex is located in the middle of Singapore and gives you amazing premium access to all the great things Singapore has to offer.

Whether we’re talking about great movies, great art, great sculpture, great traveling, theatre performances as well as rock concerts, this place has it all. It puts you right in the middle of the action. You don’t have to travel far. You don’t have to exert any extra effort. You’re right there in the middle of all the action.

So, do yourself a big favor if you are going to be assigned in Singapore. You don’t have to be a lonely expat. You don’t have to have this hole in your heart for the Pacific Northwest. You can get regain and relive some of that cultural dynamism right in the middle of Southeast Asia.

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