Daffodil Festival

This is a website dedicated to commemorating Tacoma, Washington’s annual daffodil festival.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s so special about the American Northwest, wonder no more. You only need to attend the annual Tacoma, Washington daffodil festival to see what the big deal is about in the greater Seattle and Tacoma metropolitan area.

You know that the Seattle culture is fast permeating the rest of the United States. Of course, when people think of the American Northwest or Pacific Northwest and the greater culture of the United States, they usually think of Nirvana. They usually think of the grunge music trend of the early 90’s. They think of Pearl Jam and other musical acts that came from this part of the country.

Believe it or not, Seattle has played quite a big role in the greater American cultural DNA that a lot of people are not aware of. For example, did you know that Jimi Hendrix, the guitar god that truly revolutionized American rock music, originally hailed from Seattle? Or, for the longest time, Boeing jets were made in this part of the country?

Seattle and the greater Tacoma area

Overall American Experience

The point is, Seattle and the greater Tacoma area bring a lot to the table. Whether we’re talking about culturally, food, politics and whatnot, Washington State is no slouch when it comes to participating in the greater overall American experience.

American history, we submit, would be a lot less rich if not for the contributions of the greater Pacific Northwest area. You get a glimpse of that when you attend the Tacoma, Washington annual daffodil festival.

While on its face it’s a celebration of the daffodil blossom or bloom in this part of the country, it really is just a thinly veiled celebration of everything that is so awesome and worth appreciating about this part of Continental America.

It’s very easy to overlook Washington. It’s very easy for a lot of Americans to focus primarily on California. After all, a lot of the social, cultural, legal and political trends of the United States tend to be led the West. And by the West, we are of course talking about California. This has been the case for at least forty years.

We have a lot to SAY…

Well, Tacoma, Washington actually has a lot to say about the greater trends that often take root in other parts of the United States. As the old saying goes, where California goes, the rest of the country follows.

It’s easy to see this because a lot of the trends that start off in the Golden State actually make their way to the rest of the country. But please understand that the same actually applies to Washington State as well.

For example, take the case of recreational marijuana. I’m not talking about medicinal marijuana, which is marijuana that’s used to relieve pain or a wide range of other health related symptoms. I’m talking about smoking marijuana or ingesting it a wide array of forms, for recreational purposes, with absolutely no medicinal intent or purpose at all. You just want to get high.

And guess which state led the fight to legalize recreational marijuana? That’s right, Washington State, the state where Seattle and Tacoma are located.

Washington State is a trailblazer, like it or not. And the annual daffodil festival that we hold may seem, on its face, just a celebration of a flower, but it really isn’t. It’s really an opportunity for everybody in the greater Seattle and Tacoma metropolitan basin to come together, show their support, and celebrate everything worth celebrating about this part of the country.

In your face

And you can see a lot of pride, but it’s not the typical “in your face” type of regional pride. Instead, people have the typical Pacific Northwest attitude.

People are laid back, they enjoy some street food, everybody has a good time, you see the local flavors and colors, and everybody goes on their merry way. Quick, easy, clean and fun. In other words, the typical Pacific Northwest experience. You tend to develop that kind of mindset and sense of mellowness if you live in the part of the country where it rains pretty much all year round.

A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that living in the Pacific Northwest makes you a very depressed person. It’s very easy to see why people end up with this conclusion because a lot of the time, it is overcast. There seems to be a tremendous amount of gloom for most of the year.

Whether we’re talking about a light drizzle or a hard rain, it’s easy to get down. But understand that, by and large, people who live in this part of the country are not depressed. They have just learned to accept the rain and it becomes part of their daily existence.

In fact, if you were to take somebody who grew up in Seattle and transplant them to, let’s say, Florida or the American Midwest, they start missing the rain.

They Miss something

a Washing ton mindset

They look at their daily routine and they feel, somehow, at some level or another, that something is missing.

This is the Tacoma, Washington mindset, and it really is quite distinctive. It is definitely a unique part of the greater overall cultural mosaic we call the American experience.

Gateway to local highlights
The best part about the daffodil festival is that it offers you a quick gateway into all the local sights, sounds, flavors, and attitudes that are all so Pacific Northwest. It does so at a free cost. You just need to show up and hang out. In fact, that’s what everyone else is doing and by hanging out together, you become part of the experience. This festival has that all organic feel to it. It doesn’t seem staged, artificial, or somehow part of an intentional official government program.
Seattle-Tacoma experience!
Instead, this festival grew out of locals desires to bring out and celebrate the very best of the local Seattle-Tacoma experience and mindset. All through this time, we have successfully done so and we have a lot of repeat visitors. Remember the Grateful Dead? Remember their loyal fans, the Deadheads? Well, we have people who come back to the festival over and over again.