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About daffodilfestival.net

The daffodil festival is held every year in the Tacoma area. People from all walks of life show up, they enjoy local food, and it’s really a great way for people from out of town to roll up their sleeves and get into the thick of things as far as all things Pacific Northwest are concerned.

Whether you are looking for food that is specific to this part of the country or you’re just looking to hang out with people and absorb all the local color, energy and vibrancy, you have come to the right place. You definitely have shown up at the right time because the daffodil festival really goes out of its way to highlight all that is wholesome, unique and special about this part of the evergreen state.

A lot of the times when the festival is held, it doesn’t rain. Now, this is probably coincidence, but it does show that people can lighten up.

It’s easy to think that people from this part of the country are all depressed or nursing some sort of gloomy disposition. This is far from the truth.

Sure, this is the part of the country where Starbucks coffee originated. People are hooked on coffee because they need that caffeine kick to make it through the day. But don’t equate that with some sense of doom and gloom or an unnatural predisposition to depression and despondency. That is just the popular media image of people from this part of the country.

In reality, we’re perfectly normal people, with a range of moods and a range of interests. You can see that in full display in the annual daffodil festival. There are a lot of smiles to go around, there is a lot of frenetic energy, and people just simply have a good time being out in the sun and out and about.

If you are truly looking to soak up the local flavors as well as seafood of the greater Tacoma, Washington area, this is the festival for you. Do yourself a big favor and plan ahead because a lot of the local accommodations fill up very quickly.

This website chronicles the daffodil festivals that have gone on in the past and the ones that are planned for the possible future.

While there is a lot of spontaneity animating the annual daffodil festival, and this might often be misconstrued as a lack of planning or some sort of flakiness on the part of the organizers or attendees, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, this festival highlights the distinctly Pacific Northwest idea or sensibility regarding spontaneity, flexibility, and simply doing things by the seat of their pants.

While a lot of things tend to shape up at the very last minute, most of the time, it works out for the best. If anything, the spontaneity that often surrounds this annual happening gives it its distinctive flavor and personality. Become part of our local scene today. You don’t have to do anything extra special or wild and out there. Just come as you are and enjoy. This is what makes our festival so organic.