Pest problem is now common to most of the households. However, these pests are of various types, and they cause different problems to us. Thus, it is essential for us to take instant steps to prevent them from causing any hazard. One of the most annoying pests to us is the bed bugs. Whether it is a commercial or residential house, bed bugs are very common in the rooms. When it is a commercial unit, the presence of bed bugs may affect your business image. You will lose your reputation due to these small bugs. Thus, you must not overlook them, and choose the right preventive steps against these bugs. Merkem pest solutions are the right choice to keep away from these bugs.

You have to regularly call the professionals for the inspection of these bed bugs. They help you in keeping away from all these nuisances. They can decrease the infestation of these bugs by more than ninety percent.

Lifespan of the bed bugs

Bed bug is really the most distressing pests that are able to lay more than three hundred eggs in 2 months. Each of these bugs has a lifespan of about a year. Without feeding blood, they can remain alive for several years.

Where you can find the bugs

We call these small pests as the bed bugs. Thus, we have a misconception that they are present just in the beds. However, they can easily move to the baggage, clothing and various other things.  These small termites also get into the crevices and cracks. You may not find these bugs during the daytime, and they usually remain hidden in the furniture and other elements, including.

  • Bedding
  • Mattresses
  • Plaster
  • Headboards
  • Sockets
  • Underlays
  • Wooden floorboards

DIY method to remove the bugs

While you’ve found out the bug bite marks, you must do something to avert the issues. We have now presented some DIY process for the prevention of these bugs. For instance, you can cleanse all your beddings thoroughly, and it is better to wash them by using warm water. Dry your beddings and then reuse them for your purpose. Another method of removing the bugs is the vacuuming. You can start vacuuming your furniture and other household items. Thus, these are the common ways to stop the pest issues.

Professional way of treating bugs

While you have hired the professionals, they will use a special device for monitoring the bed bugs. They use a food-like lure that looks as blood. This lure may attract both the small and adult bugs. The activities of the bugs are the warnings to you. The professionals take bespoke measures for controlling the bugs.

Thus, you will be able to prevent the effects from bugs. The pest specialists target the right spots to identify the bugs. For the easy elimination of the bugs, you have to hire them. Prevent the bugs from causing any more damage to your property.