Both house cleaning and domestic cleaning is very important for healthy surroundings. With the different maid services, you can completely clean your house. You can choose any time for cleaning service or any particular area for cleaning. These maid services are available throughout the week. These service providers use different equipment and solutions for cleaning purpose.

Some important cleaning services offered by maids-
Regular cleaning – in Edmonton this is the most common cleaning service offered by the maid service provider. You have to give a list of all the cleaning areas and equipment, which you want to get cleaned. Basically dusting and mopping is done in this type of cleaning service.

Deep cleaning – this type of maid cleaning service involves deep cleaning. All the bed sheets and curtains are cleaned in this service.

Move in/move out service – this type of cleaning service needs 4-5 workers. All the furniture is moved out and then your house is completely cleaned. This gives the best cleaning result for your house. When you are using maid service Edmonton you will get a huge discount over move in and move out cleaning service.

House cleaning services are done by maids

Bedroom and bathroom cleaning
Bedrooms require the most effective type of cleaning service. In this cleaning service, different areas around your bed are sanitized to ensure the germ-free surroundings. Changing of linen, the vacuum of floors and dusting of different sides in done in bedroom cleaning service. The rugs which are used in your bedrooms are also cleaned to give you complete hygiene.

In the bathroom, sanitizing of bathtubs and sinks is done. Cleaning and floor sanitization are done by using different synthetic solutions. They will also polish the chrome which is used in your bathroom.

In kitchen cleaning of different equipment, cabinets and sinks are done. All the countertops in the kitchen are cleaned and sanitized properly. You can also request some special cleaning services like-

  • Wall washing – cleaning of walls in different rooms is also done by the service provider. You can make a special request for wall cleaning, with the charge of a minimal amount and can make your walls look like new.
  • Furniture care – they are also capable of complete furniture maintenance. They will clean the fabric and wooded area in your furniture. By using polish they can make your furniture look like new. Proper care will increase the life of your different furniture.
  • Window washing – the window is the important element for your house. They are the main source of natural light. By use of natural glass cleaner, they will provide you a clear view from your window.

How you can hire a maid cleaning service?

You can browse over the internet for different maid agencies. You can visit the page and ask them for a free quotation regarding the cleaning service. You can also book online for different kinds of maid service.

Different local agencies around your home are also the best option for getting a cleaning service. They will charge you according to the cleaning service and you can also book them on the hourly basis. Hiring maids from different agencies will give you the most cost-effective service.