The funny thing about solar panels in the US is that a lot of people think that you have to live in a particularly sunny area of the country for you to benefit from solar panels. This is quite a common misunderstanding of how solar panels work and the range of benefits they bring to the table.

Believe me, even if you live in the coldest sections of Alaska, you can still benefit from solar panels. After all, as long as there are rays from the sun reaching your part of the world, theoretically, you can convert some of that sunlight into good old electrical power. Are you with me so far? Great.

Don’t think that you have to live in Arizona, Nevada or the dessert parts of California to take full advantage of the best solar panels. You can even live in the very gloomy and rainy sections of the Pacific Northwest and still benefit from solar panel power.

Make no mistake about it. There is a tremendous amount of freedom you can get if you live off the grid. That, in of itself, is one of the biggest attractions people find with solar panel energy. The sense of freedom and independence, these are very powerful values that you really can’t quite put a dollar figure on.

Can you imagine being so dependent on the power grid that if something goes wrong and it’s only a matter of time, you’re basically disconnected. That’s precisely the kind of position you’re putting yourself in if you use traditional electricity. Maybe you could look at this type of power as some sort of back up. Maybe you can look at it as your plan B.

You might be thinking that this is not really all that necessary. After all, the Pac Northwest area is quite reliable as far as the electric grid is concerned. Well, this is quite a big assumption to make. You might even be tempted to say that there will never be electrical grid issues at your neck of the woods. As the old saying goes, never say never. There’s always a first time for everything. You need a Plan B.

Whatever position you take, it is really worth looking in to because let’s face it, in this world, you really can’t take anything for granted. All sorts of things can get knocked loose. All sorts of things can fall apart.

Unfortunately, considering how complicated and how vast out modern American society and technological infrastructure has become, it only takes one accident for things to get knocked loose and people become powerless. The sad reality is that there’s some sort of paradox going on here. The more advanced our society becomes, the more helpless we become individually.

Well, if you rely on solar panels, you can push back. You can regain some of that old school American independence so that regardless of what mother nature or plain old fortune has in store for these great US, you can bet you will be prepared.