The funny thing about getting married is the fact that most people tend to focus on details that really don’t matter all that much. I remember when my brother got married in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle in particular, his wife and wife’s sisters were all bent out of shape about the chiffon ribbons and other frills and details in the wedding reception hall.

I’m sure at some level or other, that stuff is important. Talk about missing the forest from the trees. Talk about failing to see the big picture. What do I mean? They get so caught up on the freebies that they’re going to give away as well as the font on the invitations that they’re handing out that somebody, somehow, someway, forgot to get a photographer.

Finally, one of her friends stepped up and took really crappy photographs with a substandard digital camera. To this day, and I’m talking about more than a decade after their wedding, they still can’t get over that oversight. It really causes problems in their relationship to this day because they can’t get over who’s to blame. Somebody’s always pointing the finger.

Every time they look at those photographs, because that’s the only documentation they have of their wedding, they always go back to that issue. “Why did you screw up by not thinking about getting a photographer?” And on and on it went.

It really is quite sad, but unfortunately, this is not all that uncommon. In fact, it happens all the time. It’s very easy to look at small details that really don’t add up to much of anything and miss the really important stuff.

Make no mistake about it. If you are going through an event or you’re going to hold and even that is really important to you, make sure that you remember it properly. Make sure that it’s properly memorialized and this means that you have to invest in a high quality photographer.

Now that I’ve opened your mind to that necessity, here’s the problem. Anybody can say that they’re great photographers. In fact, among my circle of friends, I would say around 80% of my buddies would testify in court that they are great photographers, but I’ve seen their stuff. I’m sorry to report that this stuff is really nothing to write home about. I don’t want to brag, but I think I can take better pictures with my iPhone than these photos.

You need some sort of objective platform where people with the right skills can show up at the right price to take care of the job at the right time to produce the right results. That’s not asking for much actually thanks to the rise of websites like is a photography skills exchange platform where people from all over the US and the world can advertise their expert photography services and their clients can bid or contact them for their services. How’s that for awesome?

I wish this website was around more than 10 years ago. It could’ve saved my relative quite a bit of unnecessary headache and pointless drama.