I love going to the daffodil festival in Seattle because it’s a great place to listen to amazing music, hang out, enjoy the good vibes and generally chill out. But once I get home, as you can probably already tell, just like the typical American, I flop down into my sofa and get busy with League of Legends.

It’s easy to see why a lot of people are simply excited about LoL although this game has been around for several years now. There’s a lot to recommend in this game because first of all, you’re not camped out in front of the game for days on end.

Sadly, that’s the kind of experience you’re in for if you are into World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto and other highly immersive, yet highly addictive open world games. It’s as if there’s really no logical ending to those games. You play and play and play and you still are not anywhere nearer to the logical conclusion of the game.

I call this that Shiny Object Syndrome. You focus on a mission. You really get into it. You keep working on it and it appears you are making progress. Things are going well, until you come across a new twist to the mission or you run into an NPC with an interesting mission. So you go from one rabbit hole to another.

This is why a lot of serious gamers from all four corners of the globe have discovered League of Legends. It has a logical ending. There is a specific mission. There is an end you can point your finger to and take credit for. Not surprisingly, people from all over the world have gone crazy for this game.

If you want to get a competitive advantage regardless of whether you live in the Pacific Northwest or not, you need to get LoL smurf accounts.

I know I’m getting into controversial territory here. A lot of people might even think that getting LoL smurf accounts is very close to cheating. But it isn’t. Why? Well, who likes getting killed all day, every day? I know I don’t. Do you?

That’s exactly the kind of experience you’re getting in to if you play League of Legends right of the street. You’re just basically going to get crushed all day, every day. It gets old very quickly. With LoL smurf accounts, you get a highly powered account so you can do your fair share of winning while leveling up your skills.

This is a great crutch. It’s by no means and end all and be all type of solution. You can’t just buy an account and call it a day. Instead, you still have to actively work on leveling up your skills so you can eventually get to where you need to go. That’s its role. This is the reason why people buy these types of accounts in the first place. Don’t think that they are somehow, someway some sort of stand in for actual player excellence.