The funny thing about living in the pacific north west is the reality of seasonal depression. One of the first questions any traveler to places like Seattle, Washington or Portland Oregon involves how gloomy the weather is. In fact, the first time I went to Seattle, I keep asking the question “Why is it raining all the time?” enough. I kept asking that question so many times that my local hosts probably got annoyed at me.

They really can’t blame you because in this part of the US, it seems like it’s raining on a 24/7 365 day basis. It is no surprise that Starbucks coffee originated from this part of the US because people needed to drink a lot of coffee to manage their mood. Otherwise, it’s easy to get depressed. In fact, according to research studies, depression rates in this part of the country are quite high.

It’s easy to chalk this up to geographic factors. It tends to be quite gloomy outside, you don’t get that much light and if you factor all this together, don’t be surprised if people get depressed more often than not.

But there’s actually other factors to this. There are other many sides to this equation. There’s also a selection process because people who like this part of the country tend to be more on the introverted or introspective side.

As awesome as these personal traits may be as far as creativity and intellectual curiosity may go, they can also predispose you to depression.

Whether we’re talking about push or pull factors or nurture and nature, depression is a solid reality in the pacific north west. In this blog, we focus on Seattle festivals, particularly the daffodil festival.

During this festival, people come out. Not only do they come out physically, but they come out of their she’ll emotionally. This is a great way to bond and to make those distinct person to person connections that remind you that you’re not alone.

We do our part to fight depression and anxiety. However, if you want to make sure that you fully get out from under the threat of depression or melancholy, you might want to be more systematic and methodical about it.

In particular, use non chemical interventions so you don’t get hooked on anything. Check out this study about oils and anxiety. A lot of people would think that aromatic oils would have, at best, a placebo effect on depression and anxiety.

According to hard scientific research, it actually has a very real effect. That’s right. These effects are not just in people’s heads. They are all too real. The study about oils and anxiety have actually blown away many different people’s preconceptions and now, more and more people from the pacific north west are using non traditional approaches to dealing with depression.

This had lead people to stepping away from chemical solutions. Also, people are changing their lifestyle. Instead of loading up on caffeine, more and more people are using tea or certain actual juices without any trace of caffeine. Things are definitely changing for the better.