What makes the Pacific Northwest so awesome?

Something magical

A lot of people visit the Pacific Northwest every single year. In fact, a lot of students from out of town that enroll at the University of Washington at Seattle eventually stay.

There’s just something magical about the Pacific Northwest. Now, a lot of people cannot put their finger exactly on why that is, but for some reason or another, just like the swallows of Capistrano Mission, they keep coming back.

Now, when somebody goes to the University of Washington, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will come back right after they graduate. They may be back after maybe five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years. Regardless, they keep coming back.

And a large percentage of them actually make Seattle, Washington and its greater metropolitan area including Tacoma, Washington, their second or primary home. The reason for this really is not geography.

Let’s face it, there is an 800-pound gorilla in the room and we all know what that is. The weather in the Pacific Northwest is really not anything to write home about. What’s there to get excited about gloomy weather? What’s there to put a smile on your face when it’s always raining or drizzling? Do you get excited because it’s always overcast?

So it’s not the weather, but it’s really the people. Because when people are sipping their coffee, and they’re in enclosed public spaces, there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity to connect on a very human, intimate and real level.

This is what brings people back to Seattle time and time again. This is reflected in the literature, music as well as other forms of artistic expression emanating from this part of the United States. It definitely has its own distinct identity.

Keep this in mind because if you are looking to simply recreate the movie Singles, when you visit Seattle, you probably will be sorely disappointed because, just like with any other local scene, our music and cultural scene actually changes very rapidly. In fact, a lot of people are saying that Seattle, Washington is really just the cooler and cleaner version of San Francisco.

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time in San Francisco, you know that the local cultural trends do change very quickly, like shifting sands. The same applies with the greater Seattle and Tacoma, Washington area, but at a probably higher pace.

So keep that in mind because it’s very easy to stereotype the place and come out surprised and slightly disappointed because it did not meet your expectations.

Instead, you should keep an open mind. Our scene is constantly evolving. It is a work in progress. In fact, by simply observing it you become part of the scene and you change it. This is one dynamic a lot of people simply don’t understand. Scenes and local colors and flavors are organic in nature. Many different people contribute to the scene and it becomes part of who they are. You are welcome to this amazing heady mix! Come join us today!