Why Should You Visit Seattle?

Amazingly mellow place

If you’re looking for great sushi or if you’re just looking for an amazingly mellow place to hang out, Seattle should probably be on your top ten list of destinations. For me, what really takes Seattle over top is its great coffee house culture.

I remember the first time I went to Seattle. I was a second year student in graduate school. I had a graduate degree in history and, as you can well imagine, I had to do a lot of reading. In fact, the typical reading assignments for my course involves at least 12 books, 15 papers and smaller monographs.

They call them monographs. It may sound short, but it isn’t. Usually, a monograph can run up to several hundred pages.

So I had to read all of that and, as you can well imagine, my nose was always buried in a book. And what better place to study than at a coffee shop? So when I moved up to Seattle, it really is conducive to libraries and people just reading through books.

Also, the people that you meet are just amazing. I once met this guy who used to be a communist. He was telling me that in the 1960’s, he helped organize labor and he was telling me all about the struggle and the movement.

While he still retained his long hair and had this idealistic and optimistic look in his eyes, the fire had gone out. He had become the most fervent defender and a convert of capitalism. In fact, he had founded several software companies, and a few of them made him a millionaire, not once, not twice, but many times over.

He has gone through ups and downs. He had made millions of dollars, he has lost millions of dollars, and back again. In other words, he has lived through a quintessential part of the American experience. Whatever your definition of the American dream may be, he’s been there and done that.

Well, I met guys like that at Seattle coffee shops. It’s not like they go in and they slap you in the face with their Ferrari or Lamborghini keychain. No. These guys would come in with shorts and sandals in the freezing Pacific Northwest cold. In other words, they stick out and that’s what accounts for a lot of the fun.

It may seem weird, abnormal, unusual, but that’s what’s so awesome about such an environment because you come as you are. You exchange ideas and you meet these very interesting people, and you accept them as they are.

If there’s anything that I can recommend about the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle in particular, is that it really shakes through the foundation all your preexisting conceptions about people as well as your biases and ideas.

Leave your assumptions and expectations at the door and you’d be surprised as to how open-minded and how accepting you could be. And this journey alone, from being close-minded to open-minded is truly worth the trip.

And the best part to all of this is you’re enjoying some of the planet’s best coffee while somebody’s pouring their heart out to you and you are analyzing certain crucial parts of your soul, thanks to the help of a local brainstorming session.

If you are looking to find yourself or you have already found yourself and you are just looking for a place for yourself, definitely consider Seattle because it truly is a unique place. It’s really up there when it comes to lack of pretension, lack of superficiality, and a cultural appreciation for substance over packaging.

If you’re looking for shallowness and an obsession over money and status symbols, you have to look no further than Los Angeles or Beverly Hills. But if you’re looking for substance and you’re looking to really connect with people regardless of your differences in backgrounds, experiences, educational attainment, and so on and so forth, Seattle is right up there next to San Francisco.